Weight Training For Basketball: College Basketball Player Stresses It’s Importance

Weight Training For Basketball NJ

Weight Training for Basketball

Are You Making It A Priority? 

We had a chance to catch up with UMaine Fort Kent college basketball player Fletcher Brown.  Fletcher grew up and played his high school and JUCO basketball in the San Francisco Bay area before heading to Maine.  Here is what he shared with us about weight training for college basketball and it’s importance to your game.  

Playing high level competitive basketball requires players to try and be faster, stronger and more explosive than their opponent. The only way to do that is to spend time in the weight room. Pumping iron will not only help your body be better prepared for the punishment it takes on the court but you will eventually look and feel better which will do a lot for your confidence.

On the Court Benefits from Weight Training

Hitting the weights consistently will take a players game to the next level. However, players need to remember that becoming stronger from basketball weight training is not like a microwave, it won’t happen instantly. Patience is required. But that being said, consistent weight training will help a players game grow exponentially. You might not have giant biceps or six pack abs but if you start feeling stronger, you will notice a difference out there on the court. You will most likely become addicted to the feeling. That feeling is being able to box people out better, get that second quick jump to grab a rebound, or finish lay ups through contact. A lot of the things that the weight room can help you do better on the court are not the glamorous parts of the game. It’s not about crossovers or 3-pointers but all the little things are what wins games.

Mental Aspect of Basketball Weight Training

Lifting weights has a few benefits for a players mind; which is just as important as a players body. As previously mentioned the feeling you get when you feel strong while playing the game is an addicting one. It gives a player confidence. And confidence in the game of basketball is super important. Feeling strong and knowing that you have spent the time working out can do wonders for a players confidence. Also, if you are ever having a rough day, feeling stressed out or need a break, lifting weights is a great activity to do. Letting out some frustration on the weights is a productive stress reliever. Lastly, remaining consistent in the weights will eventually make you notice a change in your body. It takes a while but you will start to see your muscles get bigger and some cuts in your arms and legs. Many people desire the look of big muscles and to fill out a shirt and have that “beach body.” Lifting weights will get you there slowly but surely. But remember, in order to gain the most from your workout, eating right with lots of protein is necessary. Protein shakes and other basketball supplements should be looked into and taken with caution.

Weight training takes time and it is often times difficult to get started but it is without a doubt worth all the hard times. Some final tips for weight training:

  • Be patient
  • Be consistent
  • Remain hydrated throughout workout
  • Be safe, workout with a partner and use spots
  • For basketball players specifically this is very important. Try and shoot afterwards as to retain a nice touch.
  • Eat a high protein diet after working out

Here is the key takeaway:

Most college basketball players hit the weights earlier than their competition.  Most worked with a trainer or coach who showed them proper technique which reduces injury while increasing performance.  If you want to play college basketball… or just become the best athlete you can be…ask a qualified trainer how to either get started or how to optimize your program.

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