Weight Training Will Do What for my Jump Shot?

Having been involved in basketball skills training and strength training for basketball for so long, I have heard all of the reasons why basketball players can’t, don’t or won’t lift weights.  No matter what my rebuttal to their excuses is, they always end up saying, “well there just isn’t enough time.”  I play three sports so I don’t have the time, I am in all honors classes so I don’t have the time, I have AAU practice so I don’t have the time…you catch my drift.

My response has always been that their are 24 hours in a day (which is quite a bit if you think about it) so find the time.  Basketball strength training is so important and goes far beyond just improving your overall physical attributes.  A solid basketball strength training workout will not only increase your size, strength, and speed but also add valuable inches (or even feet) onto your vertical jump.  However, there is something that basketball strength training can do for you as well that I am relatively sure that you have not even thought of. 

A well designed basketball strength training program can improve your jump shot.  WHAT?!  Yes, a well designed basketball strength training program can improve your jump shot

I was speaking to one of my basketball parents the other day and he has been a long time opponent of strength training for basketball.  He came from the old school where they felt that weight lifting and basketball did not mix because it would mess up your jump shot.  However, his son has been hitting the weights hard for the last three months and he is now a believer that lifting weights can actually improve your jumper, in particular your range and how well you shoot at the end of games.  His son can now shoot jumpers without breaking form from almost 35 feet from the basket.  Not that that really matters, because offenses are not usually run from that far away, but nonetheless, it is impressive and it is solely the result of his basketball strength training program.   Furthermore, in game situations in particular in the fourth quarter when your form starts to break down because of fatigue, his hard core weight training will give him the strength and conditioning he needs to hit the big shot at the end of a game. 

So forget about all of the things you thought you knew about strength training and jump shooting, and please stop telling yourself that you don’t have the time.  Find the time because now you know one more advantage to weight training for basketball…it can ABSOLUTELY improve your jump shot and it will DEFINITELY allow you to perform better at the end of the games when it matters most.


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