When Is a Good Time to Change My Jump Shot?

when should I change my jump shotShould I Change My Jump Shot Form?

The other day at one of my basketball skill development workouts, I had a player come up to me and ask when it would be a good time to change his jump shot.  My response?


In all seriousness, if you have been told by a coach or basketball trainer that you need to make changes to your jump then now is really the perfect time.  Making a change to your jump shot will take time, repetition, and an understanding that you will miss a lot of shots at first.  With the summer months approaching, there is no better time to make these changes.  The summer provides you with the time necessary to get in the repetitions that you will need to ensure proper jump shooting mechanics, and since most players don’t have competitive games in the summer, there will not be any added frustration that develops because of the missed shots that will occur.

Basketball Shooting System – You Need This!

At Elite Basketball Training, we are huge advocates of the Pro Shot System that was developed by Paul Hoover. Using the Pro Shot System we break down the jump shot into six components: the release, the turn, the set up, the hop, the dip, and the sweep and sway.  Doing so allows us to focus on a specific facet of the jump shot and drill that component in and of itself.  Once mastery of that component has been achieved we move on to the next component of the jumper and repeat the process.  This system of basketball development is imperative to your improvement not only with your jump shot, but any basketball skill and as you can see it can take a good amount of time.  For this reason, I recommend making the changes that your basketball trainer has suggested now and through the summer.  This will ultimately build confidence through mistakes and changes, allow you the time to make those changes, and have you ready to go for next winter’s basketball season.

Basketball Shooting Form Clinics and Training

Are you interested in changing your jump shot this summer?  If so, then Elite Basketball Training has the program for you.  Elite Basketball Training’s Nothin’ But Net is for basketball players of all skill levels in grade school, middle school and high school, both boys and girls, and is designed to develop their jump shot, using the famous Pro Shot System. Summertime is the time to develop your game and the jump shot is the foundation of this development. Learn how to shoot the basketball using the secrets of professional basketball players like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Michael Jordan.

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