Why Steph Curry is Ruining Your Jump Shot

Steph Curry is Ruining Your Jump Shot

This past week, Steph Curry was named the first unanimous MVP in NBA history. That’s a pretty impressive feat when you consider all the previous league MVP’s (Lebron James, Michael Jordan) never won unanimously. I am merely speculating, but I have to think that Steph winning unanimously has something to do with the 402 three pointers that he made this past season. This mark is by itself incredible but the fact that he nearly doubled his previous record setting total makes it even more impressive. Steph Curry is by far the most skilled basketball player that I have ever watched and is in the conversation for the greatest shooter of all time. He has redefined the game of basketball and made jump shooting cool in a way that Larry Bird never even did. In fact, all any of today’s players want to do anymore is shoot threes. There is one major issue though…today’s youth players cannot in any way shoot like Steph Curry, and, in their attempts to do so, are actually ruining their jump shots. So in actuality, Steph Curry, with all his greatness, is ruining youth basketball, and unless we take the time to reign in the chucking up of threes and teach our younger players how to shoot properly we are in for a rude awakening when it comes to the future jump shooters of America.

The Effect of the Three on Your Jumper

Becoming a successful jump shooter is about learning to shoot the basketball correctly and then shooting the ball a lot. The proper shooting form should be taught to players at an early age so that they learn young and begin putting in the necessary and correct reps early on. The problem with our young players wanting to be like Steph Curry is that they see him shooting threes and then every time they walk on the basketball court, the first place they walk to is the three point line and beyond. Nevermind that these players can’t make three pointers consistently or in many cases even at all. Nonetheless, they continue to chuck the ball at the basket in the hopes that one actually goes in, and, if one shot actually does go in…well then there is no stopping them. It’s like the one miraculous shot you hit in a totally crappy round of golf. That shot is guaranteed to get you back on the course again and again. As a result of their continued poor shooting from long range, our youth basketball players develop really bad habits in an effort just to get the ball to the rim. These habits ultimately stick with them for a long period of time and it also causes misses in close as well. Furthermore, the bad habits become really difficult to break. Change takes time and repetitions, and may cause even more missed jump shots. Honestly, there are not many players who are willing to miss shots to make changes, despite the fact that they are missing shots with their bad form anyway. It’s kind of a funny irony if you think about it. Players aren’t making threes, but won’t make changes to their jumper because at first it will cause them to miss more. Crazy!

The Keys to a Successful Jump Shot

At Elite Basketball Training, we utilize a method of teaching jump shooting that is based on countless hours researching the tendencies of great jump shooters. Our Elite Shooting System is based on breaking down the jump shot into six components. These components include:

  1. The release
  2. The guide hand
  3. The turn
  4. The Dip
  5. Body Position
  6. The Sweep and Sway

Each one of these components plays its own role in the jump shot and when utilized together creates a smooth and effortless jumper. Beyond our six key components, we spend countless hours on footwork. Someone once said a long time ago that, “jumpers are made with your feet.” Although there is more a good jumper than that simplistic phrase, it is hard to argue that having the proper footwork is a crucial part of jump shooting. That being said, there are so many different types of footwork when it comes to the game of basketball that it is necessary to practice it regularly.

Tips to avoid ruining your jump shot:

  1. Learn to shoot correctly
  2. Make adjustments when necessary
  3. Embrace change and your misses, they will result in makes in the long run
  4. Practice your footwork regularly

If you are interested in learning how to shoot the basketball correctly, using our Elite Shooting System then this summer’s Nothin’ But Net program is for you. Don’t hesitate, register today at

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