Your Growth as a Basketball Player

Drive and a Willingness to Learn Equals Growth as a Basketball Player

As a basketball trainer in New Jersey, I am in the midst of the busiest time of year. Basketball season is right around the corner and many New Jersey based basketball players are looking to get in the gym for basketball training in order to sharpen up their skills prior to the season. That being said, the players have been coming into the gym and training with purpose and focus.  This drives their development and the results have been tremendous. As a matter of fact, there has not been one day this week that I have not left my basketball skill development workouts (either group or personal) and called my wife to tell her how amazing they went. The drive has fueled the basketball players that I train to be on their game and it has made working with them even more fun than usual. Being driven is only part of the equation for this success though. The players’ willingness to listen to new ideas and learn from them are also allowing them to grow as players. Listening to new ideas and then practicing them with a purpose of getting better will eventually lead to your growth as a basketball player.

Your Drive to be a Good Basketball Player

The drive that the players bring to the court each day is the first part of the daily basketball growth equation. First and foremost, a basketball player has to want to be good. I was recently speaking with a parent who told me that their son had gotten cut from their school team, and they, as parents, had told him that being cut should only push you to work harder to get better. This reminded me of my personal story of when I got cut two years in a row at the middle school and that fueled my fire to become a better basketball player at the high school level. I wanted it bad and I worked my butt off to do so. The result? I ended up making the high school team and becoming a starter at every level. I was driven to be good and if you really want to make it at any level of basketball, you need to be the same.

Be Willing the Listen and Learn

The second part of the basketball growth equation is your ability as a player to listen to your coach and learn from them. Are you open minded as a player? Will you take what your coach is telling you and practice it or are you close minded and not willing to learn? Players who are the latter will have very little success on the court because it is the constant learning of new concepts that makes great players great. If you are the former than you will absolutely continue to develop on the basketball court. The other night at one of my personal basketball skill development workout, I had a younger female player working on something new with her jump shot. She absorbed the information that I gave her like a sponge and would not leave the gym until she got what I was telling her to do right. That kid of willingness to learn new things and the drive to get it right is going to make her a great player someday.  It is also the combination you must have as a basketball player for success.

Tips for Growth as a Basketball Player

  1. Have drive, passion, and purpose every time that you step on the court to practice or play.
  2. Be willing to listen to your coaches and learn from them daily.

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